I love making these cards. I make them in a batch as it's easier to stretch a large piece of fabric than lots of tiny ones. Then I have fun. Birds with hairstyles, lizards in unlikely colours, terrifyingly bright turtles and the rest of the menagerie appear in whatever clothing my imagination comes up with at the time.

These cards are 14.5cms x 14.5cms and each silk-painted panel is mounted on brightly coloured card.







Only the hairstyled birds make it onto my number cards. For ages, a single bird holds the balloons and for anniversaries, a pair of birds facing each other hold the strings of two balloons entwined.

These cards are approx 15cms x 20.5 cms. The age cards are in bright coloured card and the anniversary cards in silver, gold or pearly white (for diamond.)

Cards can be made in different ages or for other anniversaries to order.