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I discovered clay on a week's International Summer School at Ridge Pottery back in 1977. For a long time my appetite for pottery was fed only by annual visits (of increasing length) to Ridge Pottery, including having the opportunity to prepare clay, mix glazes and fire wood kilns. Douglas and Jennie Phillips' way of working, in harmony with the land and the forms they make was and is an inspiration and informs my pottery today.

Eventually I set up a small workshop at home and began to develop my own style and way of working and eventually I moved to teaching part time and began making enough work to start selling. Later still I gave up teaching altogether and worked full-time as an artist.

A self-confessed foodie, I'm always thinking of what my pots will contain. Bowls of home-made soup, plates of flapjacks, dishes of lasagne or crumble and mugs of hot chocolate are never far away while I'm throwing.

In decorating the pots I aim for easy on the eye - pleasing to look at without being overwhelming so that everyday use really does mean you're comfortable using them every day. I hope you'll agree that the result is a range of cheery pottery with a rustic feel, at home in the kitchen, on a dining table, or on a tray by a comfy chair.

I hope my pots will make people happy.

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