ceramics gallery

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Serving bowl with lustre lizard Green and brown spotty mugs Teapot with cane handle Large vase with green lizard Oval dish with fish
mixing bowl lupin vase Large oval lizard dish Bowls and mug with lizards Oval lizard dish
Serving bowl with lustres light blue stripe two tenmoku vases Small mugs with lustres Small fish dishes
Named beaker and bowl set Mugs and bowls with blue flower Round dish with platinum handles Oval dish with lustre Tall vase with gold lustre
Heather spotty pots fish plate and bowl Oval dishes with gold lustred handles Dishes with orange lustred fish Vase with lustred lizard
Vases with lizards Mugs with lustred lizards Mugs with multicoloured spots Small lustre dish with red lizard red and blue spotty mugs
lustre stripe group blue fish sandwich plate red lizard sandwich plate lavender and bee vases iris vases
tulip vases tulip plates and jugs 1 cup teapot large hare mug
lidded mug (elephant)