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You can use a jug for delicate amounts of cream or lashings of ginger beer and a whole variety of things in between. I make six sizes of jug though not all are made in every design and not all are kept in stock. Sizes are approximate as I tend to vary the shapes slightly from batch to batch but the most popular, sizes 1, 2 and 3, are about 12cms, 15cms and 18cms high respectively. Jugs may be decorated in: blue stripe, blue spotty, blue, cream and brown lustres, blue slip lustre, brown with orange squiggles and chickens.

teapot and mug


What's a teapot for? Pouring tea! And mine do, very well. I hope they look good too. I make five sizes of teapot though only sizes 2 and 3 are kept in stock as a matter of course. Size 2 supplies two mugs of tea, size 3 three to four. Size 1 is definitely a one-person teapot, useful when nobody else wants the same variety you do and sizes 4 and 5 are big family pots.

Teapots are available in: blue stripe, brown with orange squiggle, blue spotty, blue slip lustre, blue, cream and brown lustres.


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