food in pots


A self-confessed foodie, I'm always thinking of what my tableware will contain. Bowls of home-made soup, plates of flapjacks, dishes of lasagne or crumble and mugs of hot chocolate are never far away while I'm throwing.

Plates all have deep rims so that sauce or gravy can't run off the edge. Cereal bowls are also the right size for a serving of soup. And time after time customers come back to me to say how pleased they are to have a teapot which pours well!

In decorating the pots I aim for easy on the eye - pleasing to look at without being overwhelming so that everyday use really does mean you're comfortable using them every day. Tableware is produced in a variety of designs and shapes, though other pots can be made to order. I hope you'll agree that the result is a range of cheery pottery with a rustic feel, at home in the kitchen, on a dining table, or on a tray by a comfy chair.

The full range of shapes I make is shown in the price list but for more detail about items in the range please look at mugs, bowls, etc.

lizard dish