Because of the initial cost of silver I don't keep a large stock of work, however I can make things fairly quickly. If you're interested in buying jewellery please look at the jewellery gallery to see the kind of things I make. You can then email or telephone to discuss ordering.


Cloth And Clay Fine Silver was launched in August 2020, with my first collection being available at Bourton Artisans. Silver clay is made from pure silver with a binder to convert it into a clay-like medium or a paste. When completely dry, the work is fired and becomes fine silver. Fine silver is 99.9% silver so is softer than sterling silver (92.5%). I use sterling silver earwires, jump rings, , chains, earring backs and keepers etc with all my fine silver jewellery.

Silver clay needs to be worked with quickly before it dries out so I plan my designs carefully first. I make moulds from natural objects such as seed heads and shells. Some of the small moulded shapes are used on pendants and earrings and larger ones form pendants themselves.

The clay shrinks more than 25% when fired to 900°C so the moulds are not as tiny as you might think. I love arranging shells or 'flowers' (which are not always flowers when I take the mould) on a new piece.

lapis lazuli earrings

Other pieces are made by rolling and cutting and impressing textures on the clay. I love the monochrome of silver but occasional splashes of colour creep in, in the form of beads and semi-precious stones or cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia are used in particular on leaf pieces to represent drops of rain or dew left on the leaves overnight. Fresh leaves are painted with layers of silver clay paste and then fired with the leaves in place. My leaf earrings and pendants are light in weight.

3 pendants