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Colour is the starting point for my hangings. I begin each piece with an idea of colours I want to use and decisions about size, style and design follow from this.

The style of the hangings has many influences, including Indian textiles, carpet designs, world embroidery, old tiles and many other artefacts and the content by themes from the natural world such as flowers, fish, birds, elephants, lizards and butterflies. These are very pleasing shapes to work with and they allow an exploration of colour that is often quite far from reality while still retaining the general feel of the subject.

There are two main styles of hanging, those with painted silk backgrounds and those with plain fabric backgrounds. Other fabrics, mainly silks and polyesters, are then applied by machine. On many of the larger hangings the major part of the embroidery work is done by hand whereas most of the work on the mini hangings is done by machine.

I use threads with a good sheen and complement them with metallic thread, beads, sequins, mirrors, etc. for further sparkle. The hangings are completed by ceramic pieces, beads or tassels, which contribute to both the form and texture of the pieces. The ceramic shapes are fired to a low temperature, then painted with watercolour and acrylics.

The hangings are treated with a stain-repellant and are easy to keep clean by an occasional dusting with a soft brush.

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