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My decorative textiles pieces these days can take many forms, including wallhangings, silk "canvasses" and stitched photographs. I work mainly, but not exclusively, on silk backgrounds, sometimes silk-painted, sometimes printed with my own photographs but always stitched in some way.

There are many influences on my work but the main ones are probably colour and the natural world. There is no piece where each colour is not carefully chosen and I don't believe there are any colours that can't work together.

Wallhangings are mostly made by painting the silk background and then adding appliqué, machine and hand embroidery, beads etc to create a sumptuous final result. The themes are mostly animals and the natural world. Silk canvasses have similar themes and also begin as silk painted backgrounds and are then mostly worked with free machine embroidery. The decorative piece is then mounted on coloured silk dupion and fixed to stretchers.

Printstitch pictures are my most recent development. I've been a keen photographer since getting my first camera for my eighth birthday and I'm really happy to have found a way to use my photographs in my textiles work. I print the photos onto silk and then machine stitch to emphasise certain areas, and print others more lightly onto the background mount.

All my decorative textiles are treated with a stain-repellant and are easy to keep clean by an occasional dusting with a soft brush.

Please visit the Textiles gallery to see a wider range of my textiles.

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