The natural sheen of silk enhances any colour and makes the scarves a joy to paint and hopefully to wear. Just one new scarf can freshen up any number of outfits. Choose colours that blend or complement and enjoy a little bit of luxury.

All my scarves are individually hand-painted on silk; they are a generous 180mm long so however you like to wear them, you won't run out of scarf.

I make each scarf individually according to the colours and shapes which inspire me at the time, although I do return to some of the same designs quite often.


mixed scarves




earring groups

I love to co-ordinate what I wear in as many different ways as possible and have never been able to find enough earrings in bright colours so naturally starting to produce the silk scarves soon led to the idea of making co-ordinating earrings. The earrings are made of plastic, which has to be melted then cut to shape with a metal stamp. I make all my own stamps apart from a few used to cut tiny decorative shapes.

I'm always adding to the range as well as using different colour combinations. Earrings can usually be bought in the online shop.

various earrings