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I first remember doing things with fabrics when I was about eight, learning to use Mum's sewing machine to make an apron (which also had embroidered patterns on it) and moved on to making not-quite-right things for Christmas presents, such as a little cotton bag embroidered with the word "SNAPS". I may have lacked awareness of what would be useful, but I also had a fascination with the colours and textures of fabrics. I started collecting scraps from Mum's dressmaking 'in case they could be made into something' and like any self-respecting textiles nut still have a huge stash of fabrics.

Having trained to teach Dress and Textiles, the work I've made has been very varied. In college I concentrated on natural dyes, weaving, and printing fabric using a mouth spray with stencils. After a few years of teaching, I returned to making my own artwork and produced highly textured embroidered pictures. Since then my work has developed into other decorative forms including textile mirror frames, where I first started using silk paints rather than artists watercolours to colour the fabrics. Within a few years I had moved on to wallhangings, some of which I am still making now.

More recently I've begun to 'unpick' these elements and explore the techniques in more depth. Silk "canvasses" are painted and machine embroidered, silk scarves just painted and I've started printing photographs onto silk and enhancing with stitching.

Through all my textiles work my central passion is colour.