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Stephen B - Caffeine Content of Drinks

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Stephen B - Caffeine Content of Drinks

The following comes from somewhere on the web, but I can't remember where. Not listed is Red Bull, which has a frightening 250mg per 12oz can:

Caffeine content of common beverages, foods and medications

Milligrams of caffeine per serving
Coffee (6-ounce cup)
Drip method 105
Percolator method 75
Instant (1 rounded teaspoon, dry) 60
Espresso (1 fluid ounce) 50
Flavored 25-75
Drip or percolator method 2
Instant (1 rounded teaspoon, dry) 2
Espresso (1 fluid ounce) 5

Tea (6-ounce cup)
3-minute brew 35
Instant (1 rounded teaspoon, dry) 25-35
Green 25
Bottled (12 fluid ounces) 15
Instant Mix (8 fluid ounces) 15
5-minute brew trace

Carbonated beverages (12 fluid ounces)
Mountain Dew 55
Mellow Yellow 50
Colas, regular or sugar-free 35-50
Cherry cola, "Pepper"-types 35-50
Caffeine-free trace

Chocolate and Cocoa
Chocolate, baking, unsweetened (1 ounce) 60
sweet, semi-sweet, dark, milk 10-20
Cocoa, unsweetened, dry powder (1 tablespoon)10
Chocolate milk (8 fluid ounces) 10
Cocoa beverage (8 fluid ounces) 5
Chocolate-flavored syrup (1 ounce) 5
Chocolate pudding (1/2 cup) 5-10
Chocolate ice cream (1/2 cup) 2

Pain relievers (1 tablet)
Excedrin 65
Vanquish 33
Anacin 32
Excedrin PM 0
Aspirin, any brand 0
Stay-Awake tablets (1 tablet)
No Doz, maximum strength 200
Vivarin 200
No Doz, regular strength 100

Baking Chocolate: it's not only the guilt that keeps you awake.

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