Once you've got a digital camera, how tempting it is to just snap away, never mind the quality. I'm afraid that's what happened to me at umra Sunday 2001, so in order to do some editing I've selected only photos which relate to the day's entertainmnent.

On arrival we were greeted by the farm, where David had been thoughtfully arranged under a heifer, ....

.... Hell-en, in the mouth of a hippo ........

.... and the pigs in a segregated area. (Topical insert)

After listening to a recording of the Archers special edition of "Dead Ringers" we adjourned for some food.

And then the games began. First we had stickers on our foreheads announcing our TA identities to everyone else and had to guess our own identities by the way people behaved towards us. Here we are, being non-plussed ......

.... or, having guessed, providing the appropriate snnnnifff!

Min had provided a floor piano and here is AJW doing his Flatley impression while playing Barwick Green (including the Doom Music).

The piano also plays pre-recorded tunes so when we found that one of them was "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" we all joined in a verse of "The cat has a horrible motion".

And finally ..... "pinning the tail on the krait", ably demonstrated here by Penny.

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