Umra Sunday 2003

Once again a select band of umrats brightened up the last Sunday in Febuary by congregating in a well-known watering hole in Cheltenham. As usual, Min had laid on a wonderful variety of games and activities and provided us with lunch as well.

The farm featured highly ( no, not Highly) as usual, this year with the addition of several moving animals, who were duly raced against one another.

Other sport was mentioned and discussed - until Virginia asked Min whether Scotland are as bad at rugby as they are at football. An embarrassed silence followed.

There was not a great deal of musical activity this year. After Andrew had played Barwick Green on the floor piano, Penny offered him her home-made kazoo, and that was when we discovered he only knows one tune.

There was an entertaining game of Ambridge consequences. Having exercised our brains we then turned our energies to something more physical, in the form of "Pin the lump hammer on the ferret".

During the afternoon we constructed our entries in the sculpture competition. The task was to sculpt something connected with Ambridge using the materials provided: some tin foil, some modern-equivalent-of-plasticine, and any bits salvaged from lunch, such as paper napkins, cocktail sticks and Ferrero Rocher wrappers (thank you, Fenny!) Entries included John Archer; Brian's monogrammed hanky; a pack of Tom's organic sausages; David's wax image of Lizzie; one of Solly's loo rolls; an imitation of Ruth? Oh! keeey; a standard lamp (unwanted furniture found in Glebe Cottage); Susan Carter behind bars; a pig (by Min), Walter Gabriel (by Alex) and Ruaridh (by Purple Potter).

A member of the public (one of Min and Alex's non-umrat friends in the pub) was asked to judge the entries and chose Alex's for first prize and Min's for second, but they refused to accept on the grounds of being hosts and third placed Purple Potter accepted the prize.

Eventually umrats began to make their way home, after checking the date of the next umra BBQ.

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