individual pots

I write and maintain my own website. Because my own artwork and previous experience working as a counsellor gives me a particular insight to the nature of these areas I have also been asked to write websites for other arts and crafts professionals, health professionals and others.

To see examples of my work you may like to look at

Sarah Parker, Acupuncturist
Ann Sohn-Rethel, Potter
CBT Mid-Sussex
Libby Marshall Counselling
Norah Kennedy Willow Worker

The websites I write are sympathetically styled, straightforward and easy to navigate. I work on an hourly basis at a low rate and the websites you have looked at cost between £200 and £400 to set up and write. I can arrange domain names and hosting with AstroHosts, who generally charge £30 per year for hosting and £10 per two years of domain registration.

If you have a website need you think I could help with, do get in touch to discuss it. The best way is generally to get in touch by email and then follow up with a free telephone discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.