Below are the various different workshops I currently offer. For details of the next scheduled workshops, including costs, please see the page for forthcoming workshops.

I can offer special rates for group bookings for maximum 12 people. Please contact me to discuss details if you are interested in booking a workshop for your group. I also give talks at evening meetings of groups such as quilting groups or Embroiderer's Guilds.

I am always happy to consider new workshops. If you have an idea for a workshop I may be able to run for you, please get in touch.


An Introduction to Silk Painting - One or two day workshop

In silk painting, the designs are created by drawing onto the silk with an outliner, creating an effect similar to stained glass designs. As well as learning how to use the gutta outliner and different ways to apply the paints, you will learn how to create the most effective designs. There will be tips and even cheats, though do bring any ideas you already have if you like.

Please bring a hairdryer if you can, to maximise the length of time which can be spent painting. You may like to wear an apron or overall as splashes of silk paints tend to be permanent.

I will provide all essential equipment but if you already have nylon paintbrushes in larger sizes, mixing palettes, etc that you like to use, you may like to bring them with you.

Whether you use this workshop as a springboard to taking up silk painting or a one-off experience trying something new, a day spent silk painting is relaxing, rewarding, inspirational and fun!



Further Silk Painting - One-day or two-day workshop

This workshop is ideally for those who have already done a small amount of silk painting (though beginners can also be accommodated.) Although you can use this workshop for further experimentation, the day provides an ideal opportunity to focus on a particular project. Silk-painted panels can be used as pictures or hangings, as a base for stitching, for insertion into cushions, bags, garments and many other items and introductory workshops usually spark off lots of ideas for "what next." For those who have 'got the bug' last time round but don't feel ready to buy equipment and paints, occasional "further" workshops are a good chance to tackle new projects.

The maximum size of frame I have is 20" x 14" but if you wish to work on something larger please contact me so we can discuss whether I can provide a larger frame or if you have something suitable to use as a frame yourself. You can buy lightweight silk habutai from me but if you would like to experiment with any other fabrics do bring some along. (If the fabric pieces are smaller than about 12" square, you will also need to bring some kind of frame, e.g. an embroidery frame, on which to stretch the fabric.

An apron or overall is probably advisable and please bring a hairdryer if you can. Also, please bring any pictures, sketches or other resources for ideas which you may already have.



Why Did I Put That Colour There? - a half-day workshop

This is a half day design workshop. This workshop is a natural preparation for the one-day further silk painting workshop but it is completely self-contained and may also be of interest to embroiderers, quilters and others. We look at how to plan colour use, designing for a specific medium (particularly silk painting) or project and cheats' techniques for producing designs. If you've ever said any of the following, this workshop is for you:

"I've got a picture, but I don't know how to turn it into a design."
"What colour should I put here?"
"I've spoilt it now!"
"What should I do to it next?"
"I wish I'd done it differently."

The workshop will include time for supported work on your own design projects, particularly silk painting, but can also be tailored to suit other media. Please let me know when booking if your interest is in designing for something other than silk painting so that I can prepare accordingly.



An Introduction to Free Machine Embroidery - One or two day workshop

Often described as 'drawing with the sewing machine', free machine embroidery allows you to stitch outlines, add shading and build up texture exactly where you want it without the usual constraints of 'steering' the sewing machine and using only straight stitch and zig-zag.

The workshop covers basic techniques and creating different effects by changing stitches and threads.

Participants need their own sewing machine and should know (or find out in advance) how to drop or cover the teeth. A small amount of other equipment is also necessary. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this.