If you've been to Stroud and seen a large, talkative woman dressed in purple, it's likely to have been me. I've always had plenty to say and that's at the core of my work as an artist. Wrapped up in each piece of work I make, is something I'm passionate about.

Since I was very young I've wanted to make things from fabric and threads. I trained in Textiles at Bath in the seventies and for a while followed the fashion of the times for hairy weavings in muted colours. Eventually, in the mid-eighties, I found time to explore embroidery and Colour. It's astonishing to me that it took me so long as all my textiles work since then has been inspired primarily by the never-ending possibilities of colour.

Immediately after finishing my textiles training I went on a course at Douglas Phillips' Ridge Pottery (in Somerset) and discovered an affinity for clay. After some years attending courses during the holidays, I changed from full-time to part-time teaching and set up a small pottery workshop at home.

When I was deciding on another craft to learn after college it was a toss-up between pottery and silver. Eventually, I've got round to making silver jewellery, using silver clay.

potter's mark

The little symbol above is my 'potter's mark'. It is stamped on the base of all my pots but I also use it to 'sign' my textiles work and on the labels of my greetings cards.

I am now semi-retired and working part-time as an artist.